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Storytelling Animation from The Beauty and the Beast

Hey guys,
So, obviously this is from a Disney movie, but it keeps coming to mind for me when I think about the various modes of storytelling used in Pillowman. I think the style of the narration and the way the story is told through shifting still images are pretty interesting, so check it out:


For my first reading of The Pillowman I listened to Nick Cave to drown out background noise, and I found it very fitting. I found his grittiness very at home in the interrogation room. His song The Mercy Seat is allegedly about a criminal's thoughts on the way to the electric chair. I've also included the Johnny Cash cover of the same song, because it's great, and because the lyrics are a bit more intelligible.


Katyusha - Russian Ballad

This song reminds me of a possible "world" in which one of Katurian's stories could take place. while there are lyrics in this version, there are a lot of haunting instrumental tracks that would work even better for setting a tone. The accordion is interesting me. Little Apple People? The Pied-Piper spin-off?



I feel like if I was going to pick a term that described a lot of the design ideas we've been drawn to so far, it would be Retro-Futurism. The song Courtney just posted is a perfect example: a modern band and a modern song, but there were a lot of things about it that reminded me of like Johnny Cash, and there was sort of a nostalgic feeling there for me. I feel like in some ways the world of Pillowman is kind of like reading 1984 or listening to War of the Worlds: it's clearly the future, but there's also this overwhelming feeling of the past as well. Which is what gives the world that creepy gritty feeling for me.


Nightingale/December Song

This song relates to Pillowman to me in a lot of ways, but mostly in terms of mood/tone. There are some related lyrics as well (I think) such as, "You are a fast explosion and i'm the embers. You need the one who slowly burns, and burns to stay alive." Check it out.


PIllowman Audition Posters

Hey Everybody,
Here is a copy of the audition poster Kathi and I put together. Hope you like it.
Get excited!!!!!!!!


Reservoir Dogs

"Trouble" is the song Tupolski cuts people's ears off too. Watch these scenes from Reservoir Dogs to know what we mean.

This post was a Skye/Jeffrey joint creation.

Elvis - "Trouble"

Tupolski: The Urban Cowboy.

Images - costumes/make-up inspiration

Check out those mouths. The Apple People?


Auditions Dates Set!

As was decided at our meeting:
Slot 1: 11/16 (Wednesday): 6-8:30
Slot 2: 11/17 (Thursday): 6-9:00
Callbacks: 11/18: 4-7 (I know this goes through Saga completely, but I might be breaking these up into 2 groups, thus not ruining anyone's dinner)

I will be sending out a doodle calendar after the cast has been assembled to have a full team read-through before Winter Break.

I would like posters up for this show no later than 11/9 (that's next Wednesday!) Be on the lookout for more poster information in the (very) near future.

Show dates are March 1-4, 8-10, with Strike on March 11th.

Six Shooter by Martin McDonagh

Hey all, I found the entirety of Martin McDonagh's short film "Six Shooter" online. It won an Oscar, and led into the playwright's writing and direction of a full length film, "In Bruges" (which is great and I'm going to make you all watch it).

I'm posting this because, even though I don't want us mimicking theatrical devises and designs from his work, I think it is good that we look at "The Pillowman" as a mark within his general aesthetic as a playwright and, in this case, the choices he makes from the director's chair. What can we learn from this?

Six Shooter

Scene List/Casting Requirements

1.1 – Interrogation Cell
-                       -     Tupolski, Katurian, Ariel
-                       -     Set up story action
-                       -     STORY: “The tale of the town on the river” (Little boy, Cleaver man)
1.2 – Katurian house
-                       -    Katurian, ‘Michal’, Mother, Father
-                       -    STORY: “The Writer and the Writer’s Brother” (Katurian, “Michal”, Mother, Father)
2.1 – Interrogation Cell
       -     Michal, Katurian, Ariel
       -     STORY: “The Pillowman”; “The Little Green Pig” (Pillowman, Pillowboy,
2.2 – Katurian narrates a story
       -     Katurian, Mom, Dad, little girl
       -     STORY: “The Little Jesus” (Little girl, Mother, Father)
3.1 – Interrogation Cell
       -     Tupolski, Ariel, Katurian, mute girl
       -     STORY: [Tupolski] “The story of the little deaf boy on the big long railroad
tracks. In China”; “The Writer and the Writer’s Brother”

1) Tupolski
2) Katurian
3) Ariel
4) Michal
5) Mother
6) Father
7) Child