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Here's a little apple man I happened upon quite by accident on the internet. He is of course a bit alien-esque, but I thought it might be interesting to see regardless. What I particularly like is the use of apple stems. Not that you'd see that behind a scrim. Just musings.


I meant to post this ages ago, but better late then never. This is a clip from a German film from 1931 called “M.” A city is coursing with fear after a series of child murders, and the police are cracking down on the criminal element in a big way to find the killer. The crime bosses of the city decide they can’t operate under the new scrutiny, and enlist their own cronies and contacts to find the killer themselves. The child snatcher has very few lines in the first three quarters of the film, and while he is not a physically imposing man, he is a very worrying presence on camera. I find his repetitive gestures interesting, and his habit of whistling “In the Hall of the Mountain King” is both whimsical and sinister. His interest in children is a bit more sexual than anything we see in The Pillowman, but I do wonder what the Detectives imagine Katurian’s motivation is for his alleged murders. (Before they know about his childhood, of course.)


Cat and Rat

In rehearsal last week Max referred to Tupulski's relationship with Katurian in terms of "cat and mouse." And then I happened to read this: - Haruki Murakami, 1Q84



Here's a bit of a departure from the pictures of torture and death.
I've been thinking about chairs for Tupolski and here are some things I've found.


kaufman on storytelling

(@ 14 mins in...) " the speed of light, the speed of sound, at the speed of thought. trying to convince you that your two hours with me are not going to be resented afterwards. it is an ancient pattern of time usage for me. and i am trying to move deeper, hoping to be helpful. this pattern of time usage paints over an ancient wound. it paints it with bright colors. it's a sleight of hand; a distraction. so to attempt to change the pattern, let me expose the wound. i now step into this area blindly. i do not know what the wound is. i do know that it is old. i do know that it is a hole in my being. i do know it is tender. i do believe it is unknowable, or, at least inarticulable. i do believe you have a wound too. i do believe it is both specific to you and common to everyone. i do believe it is the thing about you that must be hidden and protected. it is the thing that is tap-danced over, five shows a day. it is the thing that won't be interesting to other people if revealed. it is the thing that makes you weak and pathetic. it is the thing that truly--truly, truly makes loving you impossible. it is your secret even from yourself. but it is the thing that wants to live. it is the the thing from which your art, your painting, your dance, your composition, your philosophical treatise, your [performance] is born..."


The Experimental Torture

After last production meeting, seeing the set plot, and Forrest posting his images of Michal I was really thinking about the whole idea of his torture being an experiment. At the same time I came across this picture.


I don't cut stuff, I just clear it

A clip from Killer of Sheep:

Some sides of Michal

Hello, sorry it's taken me so long to put this up, a lot of these I found a while ago and they've been hanging out on my computer, which feels a little fucked up and like if someone browsed my stuff they'd be really disturbed. Anyhow, the first few are all in relation to Michal's time locked up and tortured. The second grouping are kind of how he experiences the world in a direct conscious sense in present time/after being freed by Katurian.



sounds will be up here from now on: the one i played in the production meeting's up already


John Wiley, Brother of Genie

For those of you who don't know about Genie:
She is one of the most famous cases of a sequestered child.
I did some digging and found out she has a brother! he is 54. unlike Katurian, John was aware of the abuse that was taking place and was abused himself. But, I think there are still things to be gleaned here, so here is a bit of a character study on John Wiley consisting of quotes and descriptions from interviews:
John Wiley was 6 years old when his grandmother died and he was sent to live with his abusive father.
"He has spent most of the rest of his life estranged from his family, with little support to heal the scars of his childhood."
"in the swell of publicity about Genie, John, who witnessed his younger sister's abuse and also suffered at the hands of their sadistic father, has never received a minute of treatment or public attention in the nearly 40 years since."
"'I was left out in left field and no one came to my rescue,' Wiley, now 56 and living a modest life as a house painter in Ohio, told in his first-ever interview about a life spent recovering from the tragedy. 'I am a living dead man.'"
"Speaking in hushed, often expressionless tones, he detailed a life spent struggling through alcohol abuse, divorce and estrangement from his own daughter. Disconnected from his family, but unable to escape the past."
"'I never knew what normal was.'"
"'I had to learn about life when I got on my own, away from my family,'"
"'I was afraid to have kids because of my upbringing,'"
"'I've been able to block out my past,' he said, sipping a brandy and ginger ale in his cramped but neat townhouse."
"'When you are a kid, you try to trust my parents,'" he said. "'I think I trusted the wrong people.'"
"He was forbidden to speak to Geanie by their abusive father"
Of course there are some KEY differences between Katurian and John:
  • Katurian was unaware of the abuse of his sibling.
  • John Wiley has distanced himself from his sister.
  • John Wiley did not kill his parents, however he did witness his father's suicide.
  • John Wiley was himself abused.