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First Preview, Pillowgang.

2/28 Run Notes

-       Need a stronger light for house speech – wasn’t sure when to go.
-       Bucket needs to be moved back about 2 squares.
-       Forrest needs to brace the door. Or someone else if he’s stuck in makeup.
-       SOUND: level a little too high.
-       A: that lolli chomp. That hand tension. You’re present.
-       K: great gesticular work.
-       T: good diction – keep workin.
-       T: laugh before “should I have” was great.
-       Kaitlin, Skye, Janae, Harry, Sam…all y’all are the best.
-       T: lost “highwayman”
-       Marissa: movement needs to transfer from dreamy disposition to you sitting down. We lost your character behavior.
-       Abigail: during whisper, start a few feet away, get closer and closer as your whisper is revealed.
-       T: make sure blazer is clean of dirt/dust before going onstage.
-       Blocking got muddy, toes need to stay on table. Y’all know what went wrong.
-       K – react to door being slammed behind T

- Quieter transition. Move table closer to door and farther from moving wall.
- LIGHTS: Are the lights going off Ben here or should he be waiting? Lights are waiting for stage to be cleared, Ben, wait for Forrest to leave, then lights will go up.
- SOUND: take down, ben had to yell.
- SET: scrim was really squeaky…can we fix that?
- A/M – great great work. Really stepped it up with an audience.
- K take a beat before deciding to rip it up there.
- A/M – be entering 5 seconds earlier.
- M – you can draw out your smothering a little longer.
- SM/LIGHTS: longer beat before blackout.

- K/M – blocking got muddy after hug.
- K – little too much hop in the injury walk tonight.
- K/M – run “jesus Michal” hug.
- Martin – quieter feet as Pillowman. Great physicality. Great inspection of the willow tree.
- M – the yapping gets me every time…
- Martin / Susannah – wave with upstage hands.
- Stories – move slowly, close to the back of the stage for exit.
- M/K – go over lines. You missed/skewered some.
- Great energy
- head smash was smashing aaaaaaaaaahahaha.
- M – completely lost “MEANEST thing I’ve ever heard.”
- M – head towards room, feet towards wall (cheating out your body so we don’t lose your head).
- SOUND – a little quieter. Same with rain. Slower fade into silence.

- SM: Lights needs to wait for Michal
- K: you know. The line.
- SOUND: level needs to be taken DOWN.
- Susannah – go to sit and pray (for sandals to be taken) a line earlier.
- K: I know the sound is frustrating but don’t let it affect your performance.
- S: react to the crown of thorns being placed on head.
- M: remember your cue for pushing Sus. Is ‘buckles”
- K: great timing for the bit where the parents must go upstairs
- S/M/A – be aware that the tree is flimsy.
- Forrest: good cross.
- You guys are champs.

-       SOUND could be lower.
-       PROPS: electrodes?
-       A: great work with monologue, don’t work yourself up too much. Find its arc.
-       SET/PROPS: could we paint the box that the camera is mounted upon the color of the back wall? I want the camera to pop more.
-       T: you work off an audience well: it served your monologue. Just remember your diction. Cheat out.
-       SOUND: the last minute was too loud. Great transition back into the room though (fade)
-       T: you’re drunker at work today than usual…?
-       A: the matter? Wrong?
-       A: don’t unzip jumpsuit that far. No boxers seen by audience. That’s a different play.
-       K: your reaction after Maria left was wonderful. I loved it.
-       A: thanks for cleaning up stage space in character behavior. Made sense.
-       T “traipsed across my floor”…we need to cut or tweak this.
-       **point out camera to anyone who is supposed to look at it.
-       T: remember to cock gun.
-       SOUND: gun shot even louder.
-       T: fix collar of blazer.
-       K: take a step stage Right when you get up (sight lines for A)

-       door knocking
-       diction, projection
-       stepping on others’ lines. GO THROUGH YOUR SCRIPTS.

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